Use Historical Odds to Predict the Final Result of Sports Events.

Bookmaker office odds: what is that, formation and kinds of odds

Before starting making rates in the bookmaker office, you need to learn its principle of work and the highlights. One of the key things in the bookmaker offices is such concept, as coefficient. And as beginners usually don’t clearly understand the specifics of bookmaker office, we will particularly review all basic details, which concern coefficients.

The odd is exactly that number, from which depends your winning on bets. It is necessary to understand that the odd is the number by which the sum of the bet is multiplied and it forms the winning sum as a result. Thus the winning formula has the following look: the Sum of a bet × odd - the sum of a bet = winning.

The main principle of the odd formation is the more possible is an outcome of the particular event, the lower is odd and other way round. In each bookmaker office, as a rule, there are different odds on the same event. Certainly, the difference is small, but many players compare odds in different offices to bet on the most profitable ones.

Speak about systems of odds, nowadays there could be allocated three systems which are used by bookmaker offices all over the world. They are the European (decimal), American and English system of odds.

European, or the decimal odd is a kind of odds which is used in the majority of the European bookmaker offices, and the decimal odd is the most understandable for beginners. The decimal odd is 1,85. And it means that if the punter bet 10 dollars, he will receive 18.5 dollars in case of winning. It means that the real profit is 8.5 dollars.

The American odd is the most incomprehensible kind of coefficients for Europeans. Nevertheless, it is possible to understand it if you have a desire. Such odds look in such way: - With minus (negative odds): -105. It means that it is possible to win 100 dollars if to stake 105 dollars; - With plus sign: +103. It means that the punter will win 103 dollars, if he stakes 100.

The English kind of odds is often used by the best online bookmaker offices in the network. And generally they are the British offices. The English odd looks in such way: 17/8. And it means that if the rate sum will be 8 dollars, the punter will win 17.

The variety of kinds of odds, which exists nowadays, gives the opportunity to each punter to choose the most suitable option and betting in the bookmaker office with pleasure.