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The Asian handicap

In the online bookmaker offices there is a special kind of bets, which is called Asian handicap. Such original rates are popular among professional punters, however many beginners also prefer the Asian handicap.
Betting with the mysterious name «the Asian handicap» is a form of betting on football matches, in which special handicaps are taken into account, which gives the bet with an equal outcome as a result. And in such situation the simple initial line in football allows to stake exclusively for the winning of the first team only - W1, the winning of the second team- W2 and the drawn – X, where each of three choices has different winning probability, and the Asian handicap betting gives special possibility to equalize these chances for winning, having equivalent probability of an outcome, that is 50/50.
There are following kinds of handicaps for football in the bookmaker offices:

(0) is the rate when the drawn game means that the stake will be returned, the winning of the team means punter’s winning, and defeat means punter’s loss, of course.

(+0.5) is the rate, bringing the winning and profit in case of the winning or drawn outcome, and defeat in case of loss.

(+1.0) is the rate, when in case of the winning of a team or a drawn the punter will receive a prize, and if it defeats by one goal, he’ll receive his stake back. Thus defeat by two goals and more will lead to loss.

(+1.5) is the rate, assuming receiving a prize in case the team wins, drawn, or defeat with difference by one goal, and loss for the punter if it is defeat by two or more goals.

(-1.5) is the rate in which the punter will get profit if the team wins by one or two goals, and he loses money in case of a drawn, winning by one goal or loss.

(-1.0) is the rate, assuming winning in case if the certain team wins by one or two goals, if the team wins by one goal, the money will be returned, and punter will lose if it is a drawn or loss.

(-0.5) is the rate, when in case of the winning, the punter wins, and in case of a drawn or losing – he loses.

The indicator in brackets is a quantity of the additional goals, so to speak, which is increasing or taken away from the final score from that team, which the punter bet for with the handicap. It’s not a secret that in football each goal is really important, and therefore simple handicaps can’t always align rates for both participants and to make them equal in terms of probability. And that is why bookmakers often offer the specific mixed kind of handicaps.

One of them is (0 and +0,5). It is such kind of a rate, when the sum of the stake is divided in two equal parts, every of which has the identical odds: the first part is (0), and the second one is (+0,5). In that case, if the team, which was staked (0 and +0,5) by the punter, has won, both these halves have won. If it has drawn, money will be returned for the first half (0) and it will be winning for the second half (+0,5). Well, and both halves lose in case of defeat.

There are lots of such kinds of “mixing”: (-1 and-0,5), (-0,5 and 0) or (-1 and-1,5). At last we will also notice that the Asian handicap is displayed as -0,25, or -0,75. The rate (-0,75) means (-0,5&-1), and, thereafter, the rate (-0,25) is (0&-0,5).