Use Historical Odds to Predict the Final Result of Sports Events.

Betting on the outcome

Today online bookmaker offices suggest punters to make different stakes, for every taste, as they say. Well, the most popular kind of stakes in the bookmaker office is betting on the outcome of the match. Looking at the statistics, this kind of bets always gives the chance for punters to stay “in plus” as long as it will be precise selection of matches and odds. Great number of specialists in this sphere recommends for punters to choose only those kinds of sports, which they are good at and thus they can estimate the strength of teams correctly. Besides it, it is desirable to take system or express stakes, instead of single bets.
When there are bets on the favorite, it is important to remember that making stakes on all matches with odds from 1,20 and lower, the punter apparently will be under the threat of bankruptcy. All the matter is that from 100 similar bets only approximately 70 win. And it is also connected with the fact that odds on popular events aren’t raised above this mark as a rule, and the most significant sports events involve considerable quantity of punters. This factor instantly reduces all chances of winning.

For example: we make 100 stakes, 100 dollars each, relying on statistics that the favorite wins in 70 percents of cases. Put it simply, 100×1,2×70 = 8 400 dollars, which means that loss is 1600.

One more popular mistake is the stake against the favorite. Usually, bookmakers underestimate the coefficient on the favorite that leads to essential increase of odds on the outsider and on the drawn. As a rule, the stake on the outsider "passes" in 30 percent of cases with the coefficient to outcome not lower than 3,00. However, using this strategy correctly, the probability of the winning considerably increases in this case.

For example, we make 100 stakes, 100 dollars each. On condition that outsider wins in 30 percent of cases, there is such calculation: 100×3,00×30 = 9 000 dollars, which means that the punter loses 1 000.

There is also a category of matches, where it is difficult enough to define the favorite. These are so-called matches with the uncertain favorite. Usually, it is either less popular kinds of sport, or not so well-known teams or teams with equal strength. The coefficient on the match of this category isn’t very pleasing, and therefore very few people dare to risk. And to change such situation, bookmaker office overestimates odds on both participants. Certainly, this particularly helps those, who are good at this kind of sport or the championship.

If the punter is confident in his abilities, he will choose from available events those, which have the most feasible outcomes, and then unites them into the express, which raises coefficient greatly. And it is necessary to foreknow that one of the matches of express often doesn’t come to the end how the punter expected, and therefore it is recommended to bet on zero handicaps, instead of winning/losing. Let the odds won’t be so high, but the probability of winning increases considerably.

At last we will notice that when you choose one of the existing options of betting on the outcome, develop your own strategy, which will always make stable profit.