Use Historical Odds to Predict the Final Result of Sports Events.


Choosing a bookmaker office

Search of a suitable bookmaker office on the Internet was the first step of all those, who bet online at the bookmaker. Many of them mistakenly think that it doesn’t matter in which bookmaker to bet. Read More


Principles of work of the bookmaker offices

Bookmaker offices are an integral part of modern world sports development. Bookmakers do sports even more interesting and more attractive, warming up fans’ interest to events in the sports world. Read More


Bookmaker office odds: what is that, formation and kinds of odds

Before starting making rates in the bookmaker office, you need to learn its principle of work and the highlights. One of the key things in the bookmaker offices is such concept, as coefficient. Read More


Bookmaker Margin: what is it?

Online bookmaker offices get the fixed profit, and the size of this profit depends on the percent of margin. Each office has their own value of a margin and, certainly, it is better to stake in those bookmakers. Read More

Type of Betting Odds

The Asian handicap

In the online bookmaker offices there is a special kind of bets, which is called Asian handicap. Such original rates are popular among professional punters, however many beginners also prefer the Asian handicap. Read More

Type of Betting Odds

Betting on the outcome

Today online bookmaker offices suggest punters to make different stakes, for every taste, as they say. Well, the most popular kind of stakes in the bookmaker office is betting on the outcome of the match. Read More