How can I get updates for the data package?

Currently, updates can be provided weekly.

New data on the package you purchased is sent to your mail. This is a separate file that contains new data and you will need to paste this data (copy lines) into the main data package.

If you have requested a data package upgrade, you want to add new markets or leagues. Then a complete data packet will be sent to you, which will include the new data.

How to calculate payout and movements?

Movement is the difference between the open and close lines, which is expressed as a percentage.

Calculation formula: movement = 100 / opening odds - 100 / closing odds

Payout is a bookmaker's margin. This is essentially the bookmaker's profit.

Calculation formula: payout = 1 / (1 / odd1 + 1 / odd2 + 1 / odd3)

How can I figure out where is the opening line in the file, and where is the closing line?

In data package (.xls file format), Open rates are green and Close rates are red.

In data package (.csv file format), Open rates as "outcome_1_opening_value" and Close - "outcome_1_closing_value".

Can I get new market data after purchase?

Yes, you can add new markets, leagues, seasons to the data package you purchased earlier.

Why are there empty cells?

If you see empty cells, it means that the bookmaker did not give a line for this match.

Why is Opening line ratio 1.01?

In 99% of cases, this concerns the bookmaker Betfair Exchange The opening rate is the first odds published by a bookmaker for a sporting event. If the odds are 1.01, it means that it was the first odds published by the bookmaker.

What is the best data for analyze the sports events?

It is impossible to answer this question briefly and at the same time qualitatively.

It all depends on your strategy and goals.

The most popular lines used for event analysis are 1X2, TG main lines (1.50 2.50 3.50), BTTS, Double Chance and Asian Handicaps main lines (1.50 0.50 0.00)